Haldarsvík, Streymoy, Faroe Islands, Europe.

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One of the biggest attractions in Norðstreymoy on The Faroe Islands is Fossá - the highest waterfall in the Faroes. The river cascades some 140 metres over several rocky ledges into the sea. This mountain river is fed by several smaller streams and connects to a lake on top of the mountain. On beyond Fossá is the village of Haldarsvík. The village clusters around a small inlet bay and the mountains rise behind the village in terraces. In Haldarsvík you can see the only octagonal church in the Faroes. The new alterpiece is of interest as well, painted by the artist Torbjørn Olsen, depicting the Eucharist with the faces of well-known, contemporary Faroese art people.


Longitude -7.08333
Latitude 62,28333

Lat (DMS) 62° 16' 60N
Long (DMS) 7° 4' 60W

Time zone (est) UTC 0(+1DT)


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